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Hi Guys

When I asked people to list three words that sums up Christmas, the word that comes up the most is –  Family.

Unfortunately, Jesus was not listed amoung those three words – which I found shocking.

What also shocked me was the amount of people who actually believed that Jesus was a myth.

In this day and age why would people think this way?

I think that the real problem is that, as human beings, we are lazy. We don’t take the time to go and investigate for ourselves whether Jesus could actually be fact or fiction. We relie too much on other people around us to think for us.

Another reason for the disbelief could lie in the fact that people, (and I am guilty of this) unlike, Tyler [see his podcast] are unprepared to stand up and defend the facts with relation to Jesus. And I am going to be brutally honest I will not defend the facts because I rather avoid any sort of confrontation.

A fantastic example where we skew the facts and don’t rectify them are on Christmas cards.  Out of the Christmas cards below which do you think, according to the Bible, is fiction?



Click here to see the answers /or you can discuss amoungst yourselves what the right answer could be:


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