Tyler Horn’s Transcript:

For anyone who missed the podcast last week Monday, I’ve made a transcript of it; Happy Reading.


Tyler’s transcript

Shane:    Hi this is Shane from Shaney Studios.com. I’m here with Tyler Horn. Tyler how tall are you? You’re about 6ft something.


Tyler:    6ft 4.


Shane:    6ft 4. He’s tall and he’s got hazel eyes and he’s got a quiff and he’s got some tattoos. And can you believe it he’s got a lip ring. What do you call it nowadays?


Tyler: ????


Shane:    Let me quickly continue. Do you celebrate Christmas?


Tyler:    Yeap.


Shane:    You do. What do you do? How do you celebrate Christmas?


Tyler:    What from the beginning of December or from Christmas day?


Shane:    Christmas day in general, what do you do each year?


Tyler:    Christmas day in general, usually my sister would wake me up, and I’ll be like – leave. And then she’ll pester me; pester me – until I finally wake my parents up. So then, I’ll wake my parents up and it will be downstairs. Usually it’s downstairs, cups of hot chocolate, and then we’ll go into the front room and

We go into the front room. We’ll like sit talk and have a laugh and then we get to the gifts. Basically it’s family, gifts and sharing. I’ll stay up until like Christmas day, the rest of the family would go back for naps.

I usually like to stay up and that’s when I organizing everything that we got. Where do we have to put? What do we have to throw out? That’s when I do a little organizing; and then around half one, my sister and her family – like her other half and the children. Then there will be more gifts exchanging.

My mam, at this point, will be already half way cooking dinner. It’s basically letting drinks flow.

It may sound a little bit early, but everyone does it’s Christmas so let drinks flow. And then it’s Christmas dinner. Everyone’s having a laugh, everyone’s eating, everyone’s get on, there’s no full on.

It’s basically how Brommie’s show what Christmas to be.


Shane:    So you got the perfect Christmas.


Tyler:    Yeah. I wouldn’t want to say I got the perfect Christmas, that’s kinda how it is. Then after dinner everyone’s in different rooms. All cosy, it’s getting dark – Christmas lights are still on and then it’s a (very quietly) Christmas Movie.


Shane:    Can you sum up Christmas in three words?


Tyler:    That’s a really hard question. Festive – Family – Fun.


Shane:    That’s really good.

I remember you were sitting down and you were talking with Josh and I think Josh mentioned that he didn’t believe in Jesus – he thought that Jesus was imaginary. And you got really got like – YOU DO KNOW THAT JESUS WAS REAL.


Tyler:    He was a real person, whether you’re religious or not; whether you believe in God or not. There is no way you can then turn around and say that Jesus wasn’t a real person. It is proven that Jesus was a real person. Jesus was a real person. And it really narks me when people are so narrow-minded to automatically assume that just because they are not religious or that they don’t believe in God that he couldn’t be a real person. Whether you believe or not is irrelevant. Jesus was a real person; he’s on record as existing.


Shane:    I remembered you said something about you’re a Christian.


Tyler:    Yeah, I am a Christian.


Shane:    Do you go to church?


Tyler:    I don’t go to church, because although I’m a Christian  – a lot of it I do question. It’s like I’m questioning my beliefs a lot.


Shane:    Why?


Tyler:    I was raised with science. I imagine that’s maybe why. I live in a world instead of one or the other, I can live in a world where I can accept both. When people assume that they can answer religious things with science, it’s like, well how do you know that the scientific way of doing it wasn’t the way it was meant to be done by God?

[When someone says well] It can be explain by science, but you know God doesn’t work like magic (click of fingers). That’s his algorithm for how the universe works. Whether that’s how God works that way, maybe that’s why it happens. It’s not like he suddenly clicks his fingers and man’s there.


Shane:    I understand. Things take time.


Tyler:    How can you say that he [God] didn’t invent evolution? To get what he wanted. I don’t either argument can fully explain existence of what we’re here for. I think it’s narrow minded when people disregard one aspect and focus on the other. I feel like we should open your mind to other ways of thinking about how things have been done.


Shane:    It’s really good coming from someone’s who is young. How old are you Tyler?


Tyler:    20.


Shane:    Not many twenty-year-olds, especially male think that way. So it’s unique the way you think. Talking about Jesus and Christianity do you actually spread the news of the Gospel.


Tyler:    I don’t pester people. It’s more if religion is the topic of the conversation and if I’m not bothered about what they’re saying I won’t get involved.


If they start saying stuff that I disagree with..


Shane:    Like Jesus is imaginary… then you really get narked.


Tyler:    Then I get involved with it because I feel the need to explain to them why they are wrong. I just feel like when people talk about stuff that I have a bit more knowledge in and they get it all wrong. I just feel the need to – it aggravates me – they think that they know what they’re talking about on something that they haven’t researched or actually bothered to look upon. And they just kinda like makeup a new story from snippets that they’ve heard. And it’s like no this Jesus thing is real. Jesus is a real person.


I’m not like – let me tell you about how the Lord save…(laughing)


Shane:    So you don’t do any of that [gospel preaching]? So if anybody comes up to you and want to talk about Jesus would you let them? Or would say hold up I ain’t got time for this, I’ve got to go down the pub.


Tyler:    I had an incident a couple of months back. I was home alone. There’s these two Catholic men.


Shane:    Oh my Gosh…


Tyler:    They were trying to get me to go to a Catholic church… they were trying it on….


Shane:    I’m surprised that the Catholic’s do that because it’s rare. I know Jehovah Witness’ do it, I didn’t know the Catholic’s.


Tyler:    They gave me a Virgin Mary. I told them that I was Christian, and they started to ask me about Christianity. I don’t know what to say. I’m not over familiar with Catholics. So I don’t know how similar the religion is, so I really didn’t know what to say.


          They were there a while.


Shane:    (Laughing) It’s probably like one minute for Tyler.


Tyler:    They were speaking about what it is to be Catholic. I found it very hard to understand what they were saying because they were very strong Irish Accenting men and they were older men. But they were respectful of the fact that I didn’t want to be Catholic.


Shane:    That’s nice.


Tyler:    That I was happy in my own religion and stuff, and that’s when they gave me the Virgin Mary and necklace and they moved onto my neighbor.


Shane:    Thank you very much for your time. But before I go; there’s this interesting thing that you’ve done. I know that you’ve got a website at the moment and you actually called yourself the Jesus of Art.


Go to audio recording [ 8m.08sec ] to find out why Tyler called himself the Jesus of Art.



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