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Josh Readman



Shane:   Alright, so this is Shane Connell just reporting for I’m talking to Josh Readman, is that correct?


Josh:    Yes it is.


Shane:   How old are you?


Josh:    I am 19.


Shane:   19? Just 19. So Josh how tall are you? About 6ft?


Josh:    5’ 10.


Shane:   5’10; and he’s got a Beatles hairstyle and he’s got big blue eyes and a big smile at the moment.

So welcome to Shaney Studios. What I want to know is what will you be doing for Christmas?


Josh:    Christmas? Not much actually.


Shane:   Not much?


Josh:    Err…Spending time with just family, really.


Shane:   And what does Christmas mean to you?


Josh:    Honestly, not that much. I never had that much to celebrate around these times.


Shane:   Why?


Josh:    Errrm …circumstances, actually. Like family. Like my dad in the past. Errmm… whether you want me to go into that?


Shane:   It’s up to you. I’m going to be putting this on the website, Shaney Studios, so….


Josh:    Well there was a lot of like….er….things to do with, like abuse and stuff in my childhood…… that with my dad.

He was a drunk and an addict.

So, it always seems to get worse around Christmas time, so we really never seem to celebrate it that much.


Shane:   So, if I were to ask you in three words what Christmas would mean to you? What are those three words would you give me?


Josh:    Mmm… tough one. Probably, family will definitely be one of those words. Ermm….. Definitely in the last few years, I’d say maybe safe and maybe peace.


Shane:   Peace. Ok. Do you remember the conversation that we had last time? I think it was yesterday, when we talked about Jesus.


Josh:    (Chuckling) Ah yes.


Shane:   And you said… what did you say? Just repeat what you said. You thought that Jesus was imaginary.


Josh:    Did I?


Shane:   Or made up?


Josh:    Did I say that? … I say a lot of things.


Shane:   Yeah.. you said something controversial.

Josh:    I also drew a picture of Jesus as Superman so….


Shane:   Yeah, you were trying to make up for it.


Josh:    ….that should have saved it. (Chuckling)


Shane:   Your first comment was that Jesus did not exist, why did you make that comment?


Josh:    I’m agnostic. I don’t fully believe in Jesus, but I am open to the premise that he could be real. I’m not fully convinced by it, but I’m not saying what you believe in, is completely wrong.


Shane:   But why are you not fully convinced considering the evidence out there that he did exist?


Josh:    I don’t really know. Errm…. It’s just never really convinced me. I’ve swayed to the science part of it. I love stuff to do with astronomy and how the universe was created and over the years I’ve looked at both; and there seems to be more facts towards science; so it [Jesus] really never convinced me.

There are a lot of things that indicate that he was real and that a lot of this stuff happened, but in the Bible they have him feeding the five thousand people with bread and fish. There’s probably a justified response to that, but [feeding the five thousand] with what – five fishes and five loaves of bread. I find that hard to believe.


Shane:   It’s the miracle side that you find hard to believe not whether he [JESUS] exists?


Josh:    Yeah. There is the point where – I can’t remember who was it – I think that was Moses, who spilt the sea?


Shane:   Yeah, he did.


Josh:    There is research in that place in the world where the sea can actually split for about twenty minutes. It’s whether that happened at that specific time or whether it was a miracle from God.


Shane:   And that is it. I just wanted to know your views about Christmas and Jesus, so thank you very much Joshy.


Josh:    Not a problem.


Shane:   Do you want to add something like a website or anything that? Have you got a website?


Josh:    I just know the url: jsrgallerybob.   


Shane:   If you want to contact Josh in any art related matters it’s——-


Josh:    jsrgallerybob. Good luck with that.


Shane:   Brilliant. Thanks a lot. Thanks.


This Interview took place in the Boilerhaus at University of Teeside on the 4th December 2015.


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