It’s Back to Basics AGGGRRRRRR!!! Wasted 3 years at Uni learning jack!

For the past seven months I’ve been fuming.  I’ve been deliberately avoiding social media and websites just in case I might say something that I will regret.  Have I calmed down?  The answer is nope.

Why am I angry?  I think that the title says it all.

My reason for going to university is so that I could be educated to industry standard.  It is expected that to get to the industry standard fundamentals are taught, after all you cannot build a house without a foundation.  For those who lack building knowledge zero foundation means that the house will fall down and it would mean a waste of money and materials.

I am not from the art industry so I placed my trust within an institution and department to deliver courses that are expected to give you all you need to know to thrive within the industry.  What I was given was a harsh lesson on how to waste your money.  I hate spending money let alone wasting it!

As such I’ve gone back and trying to scour the internet for knowledge in the fundamentals in art.  It’s embrassing having to resort back to utube channels I should have done this from the start and bought a new car or even a deposit on a house.  So vexing.

All I have to say is What goes around comes around!

Back to basics – learning greyscale.  See examples below.  I recorded myself drawing these images just need to edit it and get it up on youtube.  When I do I will let you know. If you would like to know more I will add you on the mailing list for quaterly updates.  In the meantime feel free to browse the Gallery for more examples.



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