Happy Welcome to my commissions page.


Since I am now being drip fed commissions,  I’d thought I’d set up a page for anybody interested in working with me on their projects.


I am keen to specialize within the following areas:


  • Creating and Developing Character Concept Art.  Creating memorable Characters that people will either love or love to hate.
  • Creating Clear and Engaging Sequential Visuals. E.G Comics, Graphic Novels, Storyboarding, Story Illustrations.
  • Creating Fun, Bold, Bright and sometimes whimsical Children’s Illustration for all ages.


I am currently familiar with using Industry standard software such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign to help me create every aspect of the design process. From the front to the back cover. From the crucial page layout to getting illustrations ready for print.   I am adept to creating illustrations within Clipart Studio.

The ultimate goal is to create a legacy.  Narrative Illustrations and stories that are memorable and engaging.  Sequential Art that will enlighten the future generations.  I can help bring your ideas, your stories to visual life.  I am particularly keen to work on projects that promote and encourage the Word of God.

You can find out more about the commissioning process, if you are not ready then feel  free to look around my website you can start by looking at my main Gallery or you can view some of my favorite pieces of artwork on Shane Ann Connell’s Art Portfolio . There will be work that I’ve done for clients on there are well.


How to contact yours truly?

You can either contact me by filling out my form or  you can contact me via your preferred Social Media.


Until the power of my pencil meets the power of your ideas we will chit chat some time in the future.

Peace Out Peeps!

Luv yah.



Just to give you a heads up, I keep all the copyrights to my work.  There is a kill fee of 75% and I operate a low royalty fee of between 1-5%.

Please note that royalty will vary in relation to Films, TV and Games.