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3. The Journey to Creating a Comic Creative Business, Webtoons Short Story Competition 2020 - Mind bending

Portrait – Marcus

Having a break from brainstorming ideas for my protagonist Sarah Harrison for my short story comic The Demon’s Grasp. I found the above portrait amongst my artwork. During lockdown many of workers had to stay at home.  People came up with intriguing ways to help beat the boredom.  Jason and Barbara offered gym classes online, […]

4. Reviews and Recommendations, All Posts

ANIMATED SERIES REVIEW: Castlevania Season 1 Episode 1 Why is it full of oddities? (Spoiler alert)

  [yasr_overall_rating] Season 1: Episode 1 If you disregard the oddities within the story it’s quite good. I find that Dracula falling in love with a mortal woman seeking knowledge is odd.  The problem we have is that we don’t have any backstory as what this version of Dracula is like, so I am having […]