Updated: 08/02/2019

Welcome Peeps!

I have managed to focus my time on working on two comics.

The first comic will be called ‘The Star Protector’.  I think this will be geared towards fantasy supernatural genre.  The gist of the story is about a girl who is training to be Protector of natural the gifts of the unborn child.  The intention is to showcase this in Webtoons.  Not sure how long this will be, I will let the story decide.

In the meantime, you can click this link to join the mailing list for more behind the scenes and work-in-progress.


The second comic will be called ‘The Streets are Ours’.  Set in 2011 against the backdrop of the London Riots it’s a thriller/gory horror comic.  It sees a group of women trying to protect themselves and a newborn baby against a group calling themselves the Dark Tretard.  A group who believes that every evil desire should be fulfilled within the human being.

The aim is to showcase this on Amazon/Comixology.  I need to do more research to find out which one would be more suitable for the comic.  Again for more behind the scenes please click this link.

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Until then

Happy Sequential Reading!