ANIMATED SERIES REVIEW: Castlevania Season 1 Episode 1 Why is it full of oddities? (Spoiler alert)



Season 1: Episode 1

If you disregard the oddities within the story it’s quite good.

I find that Dracula falling in love with a mortal woman seeking knowledge is odd.  The problem we have is that we don’t have any backstory as what this version of Dracula is like, so I am having to rely on my previous perceptions of his character.  My previous perception is that Dracula is someone who is merciless and loves to feasts on human blood.

When the author presents to me that mortal woman walks off the street into the lair of Dracula just to find knowledge as odd, and then when the author presents the idea that Dracula actually falls for her makes the story even odder.


Another thing that was odd about Dracula’s character is that once he found out that your wife has died,  he the residents a year to make peace with God.  Eh??  The Dracula that I know would just wipe out the entire village within one night and then form an army.  

It feels like that the author wants to give Dracula a motive to unleash an army and the best way to do this is to kill his human wife.  The way I see it Dracula is evil, he doesn’t need the motive to be evil.

Another oddity is that it’s set in Eastern Europe yet all the actors have either a cockney/British accent. What’s that all about?  

Another unnecessary oddity is the amount of unnecessary swearing. Why do you need to swear?  Seriously, dudes, it’s not necessary. The producers can pull in a lot more people if it didn’t have the swearing.

The opening credits were well drawn, it was dramatic and it had energy.   The animated episode was well made. It had a few issues with sound quality sometimes it feels quiet and then it increases in volume. I love the character Trevor Belmont he reminds me of Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean. 


Episode 1 ended on a good cliff-hanger.

As a Christian, it is important to scrutinize what I watch and listen.   I don’t like how the church is represented as over righteous and overzealous and unforgiving.  This is not my experience of the church, so I find this grossly unfair.  Another problem I have is their persuasion that alternative magic can be used to fight evil???



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